Our Shellfish

Spanning over 400 acres of Pacific Northwest marine tidelands, Olympia Oyster Company cultivates, harvests, processes, and sells oysters and other shellfish native to the famous Totten Inlet Estuary (aka Oyster Bay). 


Olympia Oysters

The only oyster species native to the West Coast.

Nickname: American beauties

Tasting notes

Aromas:  Subtle complexity--often a mild pungency at first sniff, delicate like sea grass rather than ocean or seaweed, moderate earthiness, mild minerality

Mouth feel: small but plump, soft but succulent, not much chew

Taste: mild tanginess on entry (similar to horseradish), refreshing, pleasant brininess, mild umami

Flavors: moderated ocean, some metallic not distinctively copper

Finish: clean with nice complexity and balance

seasonal availability


Pacific Oysters

Raised in the Totton Inlet, our Pacific oysters vary in color, shape and taste based on tidal depth and growing method. Burns Point, Kennedy Creek and Cameron Shoal are just a few of our farming sites. Excellent raw or cooked, our Pacific oysters are best consumed in abundance with good company.


Manila Clams

Manila clams arrived with the first shipments of Pacific oyster seed from Japan in the early 20th century. They quickly adapted to the Pacific coast’s cool waters and thrived. Having a much better shelf-life than the Pacific Northwest's own little neck clam, manila clams became the favored varietal for aquaculture production. Our delicate manila clams are delicious any way you prepare them.